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via Daily Prompt: Renewal

How fitting a prompt to end my unexpected (and unannounced- my apologies) hiatus.

Does anyone else ever get this…shot of creativity? I’m actually in one of these phases right now, though I don’t know what to call it. I’m very into the arts and, though I spend plenty of days not doing really anything, every once in awhile I get a little burst and I have to write, draw, and compose music all at once. It’s very overwhelming sometimes, and I strangely have a sense of anxiety while doing it, but I enjoy them nonetheless. It’s like caffeine for the soul or something, complete with jitters.



The world is so big

And I am so small;

Even the curb

Is uncomfortably tall.


I cannot even start

To think of the stars

When just a mile away

Feels so very far.


Isn’t it strange

How size is relative?

It’s always unnerving

But not ever negative.



Inspired by Daily Prompt: Tiny


The “caves” stretch for miles. The walls are alive, and they’re moving, but not at all in a gross way; really, it’s like they’re dancing.

Somehow visibility is perfectly fine despite the lack of daylight. It isn’t even a little bit damp- the air is warm and dry, practically buzzing with a strange friendliness. You swear you can hear a harp somewhere. You don’t know how you got here, but you certainly don’t want to leave.

How can there be no people here if you feel so loved?

You keep walking. The ground is soft. A flowery smell reaches your nose. Everything is tinted a gentle shade of pink.

You’re so sleepy yet entirely awake. The very atmosphere is cradling you as you shuffle along.

Is that-


Inspired by The Daily Post’s Underground

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