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1479689696159Hey guys! I wanted to experiment with a few things so I just did them all at once. Let me know what you think!

Beanie Says “Chill”. Face Says “Nervous As Heck”.

1479150230838 Sorry that this is late; I’ve been under the weather lately. Feeling better though so yay!

Evelyn French

Frances Everly before her transformation. There’s a whole plot to all of this, but I’m edging her out until I can decide on a media to present it in. 

Before and After

Dear in the Flashlights

Daily Doodle->Weekly Work

Hey everyone!

So, as it turns out, it in fact IS impossible to post a doodle a day, at least for me…Which is where the Weekly Work comes in! This way I can stay consistent without stressing about it. Plus it’s actually doable, haha. Of course, I’ll still post other things, but I can’t continue the Daily Doodle, for which I apologize.

Thanks for reading!



1477255288946 Yay, my first collage!

This came out pretty well for what was just a simple portrait, I think. Now it’s FOUR simple portraits! I know, I can’t believe it either!

Lol really though, this was a lot of fun. I was planning on posting them individually but thought this was more fun and less annoying for people to look at, haha.


Get it? Because Chicago is the Windy City! HAHAHA.


Anyway, my apologies for the inconsistent posts; I’m starting to  wonder if a doodle every day was too big of an undertaking. Most of time, or lack thereof, I collapse from exhaustion from marching band before I can post. I might schedule in advance but that feels dishonest… I’ll figure something out. Please bear with me in the meantime (>u<)”


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