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December 2016

via Daily Prompt: Renewal

How fitting a prompt to end my unexpected (and unannounced- my apologies) hiatus.

Does anyone else ever get this…shot of creativity? I’m actually in one of these phases right now, though I don’t know what to call it. I’m very into the arts and, though I spend plenty of days not doing really anything, every once in awhile I get a little burst and I have to write, draw, and compose music all at once. It’s very overwhelming sometimes, and I strangely have a sense of anxiety while doing it, but I enjoy them nonetheless. It’s like caffeine for the soul or something, complete with jitters.



Hey everyone! First Monthly Masterpiece. I tried a lot of different things- this is the first time I’ve posted something entirely digital. The girl hopefully looks familiar- Flyaway anybody? It’s probably a safe bet that each M.M. will be posted the Sunday after each month for the sake of scheduling.

Don’t hesitate to comment with ideas,requests,etc.

Thanks! -Emmy

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